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Q. Who is Emmanuel Opoku?

A: Emmanuel Opoku is a father and a husband to a stunning Lady of God, Abena Opoku. I am also the current leader of The Apostolic Students and Associates in the USA Area who constantly finds myself learning and applying the laws and principles of leadership from mentors who are successful both in ministry and the corporate world.

Q: Give us some background about Mr. Emmanuel Opoku.

A: Emmanuel was bon and raised in Ghana. I went to Opoku Ware High School located at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. I continued at the Premier University of Ghana, Legon where I graduated with bachelor’s degree in psychology. I practiced life insurance for a period of time in the corporate world. I began my career at Vanguard Life Insurance Ridge-Accra Ghana, where I went through the sales rank and became a sales manager at Express Life Insurance, currently known as Prudential Life Insurance Company. With my corporate discipline and experience, I aspires to be an astute entrepreneur and by Gods grace, I am making progress towards that goal.

Q: How long have you been associated with APOSA?

A:I have been with APOSA right from the inception in the USA Area.

Q: How has your journey with APOSA unfolded in the USA ?

A: God has been faithful, we are marching on. we celebrate 5 years in 2020, we have experienced some tough times, some good times but God continues to be faithful and guide us through it all.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your team?

A: I love and cherish this team at heart, unity is everything in any organization. I’m glad this team represent those qualities and share in the APOSA Vision

Q: Where do you see APOSA in 5 years

A: I see APOSA dominate in most colleges in the USA

Q: What are some of the challenges you face as a leader

A: Honestly, I face alot challenges which I can’t list all of it. I have gotten into the frame of mind that these kind of challenges are necessary and part of the leadership package. This helps to form and shape me as a leader.

Q: What five characteristics do you have that makes you a good leader

A: Do you think I am a good leader, well thank you. The few things I have learnt over the years are humility, respect, burdened, rigorous planning and I do predictions a lot.

Q: What else do you do outside APOSA. Do you work on any other assignments within the church or outside the church?

A: I do a lot of thing within the church and outside the church but I can name a few, I currently serve as a member of the USA Area presbytery . I am currently the USA Area Media Director. I am part of my sector, New York Metro Sector Event Planning Committee and I am currently my local 1000 Morris Research team secretary

Q: What is one or two thing we didn’t know about Mantse

A: Mantse is a pole vault athlete and that is my favorite track field event.

Thank you so much Emmanuel Opoku Alias Mantse for taking time out of your busy schedule to have this Q&A session with us. God bless you!


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