APOSA Campus Minstry (ACM) which is the Campus wing of APOSA- USA Area, has been established to coordinate and provide oversight and leadership responsibility specifically to The Apostolic Church fellowships on the various campuses in the USA and to strengthen the interface between the church and its student fellowships. The need for ACM establishment by the Church leadership is to mobilize the The Apostolic Church student fellowships across the country for annual missions and evangelistic outreach programmers.  This is to also ensure that the Apostolic Church students leaving their locals to attend colleges in the USA continue to grow in their Faith as well as share the good news with believers and non-believers on their various college campuses. ACM will also provide resources for The Apostolic Church students on campus during their time on campus. All these will retain students and graduate within the church and potentially increase membership in the various assemblies.

The youth are the future of the church and we cannot sustain the church if we keep losing our youth. APOSA Campus Ministry will bridge the GAP by staying InTouch with our students while they are on campus and raise an army of disciples to share the word of God with their fellow students. It’s time for APOSA to Arise and Build an army of young men and women on fire for the lord!



                        • Promote Higher Education within the Church

                        • Build and maintain a strong relationship with our college students on Campus

                        • Increase spiritual growth and discipleship with our youth who are the future of the church

                        • Spread the Good News to the World, one student at a time


The APOSA Vision is raising an army of men and women, both young and old, who know Christ experientially, to be used by God to revive, restore, strengthen and ensure the growth of the church which is the body of Christ, to be prepared for His second coming and evangelize to the lost world, and progressively advance and develop in every facet of life.


APOSA CAMPUS MINISTRY (ACM). Starts and provide resources for  Christian fellowships/clubs formed on various college campuses  in the USA Area to bring students from the APOSTOLIC CHURCH and other denominations together to share the Gospel of Christ and fellowship great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.


APOSA USA and all its subsidiaries (APOSA CM) is committed to the Apostolic Church. We exist because of The Apostolic Church.
We fully participate in all church activities 


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